It is the gold plated filter for making aromatic coffee with good flavor.


Mesh dimension is even and not easy to be deformed because the material is metal, and no chemical change occurs as a result. From the above reasons,it is little affected to the taste and flavors of coffee. And more, thanks to its unique longitudinal slit, the gold filter can a short brewing time at a very high temperature.


Many cafes use this Gold Filter to serve coffee.
List of stores that use Cores Gold Filter

These cafes take pride in the quality of their coffee beans and roasting philosophy and that is why they choose the Gold Filter. It allows you to see and enjoy oil floating on the surface of coffee.


“Why use gold coffee filters?”

The gold coffee filter extracts coffee faster with more coffee oil,
which enables to make a perfect cup of specialty coffees
to enjoy their unique flavors and tastes.

See “Why use gold coffee filters?” for more details.


These filter holders are designed to have minimum contact points with the filter in order to deliver smooth extraction.

*Gold filter itself can be used on any dripper as long as it is fixed.

*The shape of the filter holders may vary slightly, due to the characteristics of the material.

c210How to

How to use the Gold Filter

Boil the water.

Pour hot water right after boiling; never let it cool down.

Set the filter on the filter holder.

Set the filter on the filter holder, or other drippers available in the market.

Put the ground coffee in the filter.

You need around 8g of ground coffee for a cup.

Use medium coarse grind coffee and wiggle the filter to flatten the ground coffee.

First pour.

Required amount of hot water for the first pour
= the amount of coffee used.

Pour hot water in the circular motion within 3cm in diameter, in order to get the entire coffee wet and expanded. Make sure hot water doesn’t touch the filter directly.


*Wait around 40 seconds for infusion.

Keep pouring hot water, little by little.
Remove the filter once you finish pouring hot water.

Remove the filter from the coffee server even if there is hot water still left inside once all hot water is poured.

Stir the coffee with a spoon.

It is good idea to stir the coffee in the server so that the brew strength will become more even.

*Due to the nature of metal filters, there will be a small amount of ground coffee in the cup, however, this does not affect the quality of the cup. You may choose not to drink entirely and leave the coffee grounds on the bottom of the cup.

*We recommend using freshly roasted coffee, in order to hold hot water long enough.


The gold filter can be used in a coffee machine on the market. About how to use, please refer to the instruction manual of the coffee machine. However, please note that there may be some coffee machines in which the gold filter does not fit.

*Not suitable for some coffee makers.

Coffee makers that are suitable for Cores Gold Filter

  • Russell hobbs
    5cup Coffee maker

  • Russell hobbs
    Heritage coffee maker



Model / Retail Price:C245・C285
C240 / JPY3,000 + tax
C280 / JPY3,500 + tax
Dimension:C245 / W10.5×D9.0×H7.5
C285 / W12.5×D12.0×H8.5
Weight:C245 / 20g・C285/30g
Material:Gold plated stainless, Polypropylene
Max:C245 / 32g
C285 / 64g
Heat resistance temperature:130 degree °C
Accessory:Filter holder
Country of origin:China