- C520BK / C530BK -

Stylish, unique, and highly functional thermos pot gives richness to life.
You can enjoy it as an interior decoration too.
It has excellent heat & cool retaining function, You can use it for iced coffee in summer and hot coffee or tea in winter.
It keeps the drink warm & cold for a long time.
It is a good item keeps deliciousness of the drink.

It shapes slim, non-slippery body with no handle. It can be poured easily with one hand just by tilting it.
And also it is lightweight, easy to handle for everyone.

The material is made of high-quality stainless steel, resistant to rusting, and the body is sturdy with excellent durability.
Unique “Ball Valve” design enables pouring from any direction.
Unique shape of the product works well as interior decoration which enrich our daily life.
Silicon band provides strong grip and Ball shaped valve within lid automatically opens and closes.
This enables 360 degree pouring.
The flask is designed to enjoy your hot/cold bevarages at ideal temperature.
Simple structure
There are only the main body and lid.
It is also easy to wash without small parts.
Red Dot Design Award winning design
Won one of the major international design awards, “Red Dot Design Award 2018 ”
for its unique handle-less shape.

*Red Dot Design Award (Germany) is international design award which was established in 1955, and recognized as one of the three major design awards, along with iF design award (Germany) and IDEA design award (USA).
360°is the key
Ball shaped valve enables 360 degree pouring.
The smart “handle-less” design enhances the visual of the living room and fits well on coffee table.
Smart design for keeping ideal temperature
The original double wall insulation keeps temperature of hot/cold bevarages up to 10 hours.
Keeping appropriate temperature is one of the key elements to enjoy bevarages.

*Instead of traditional “Vacuum Tube” method, original “Soldering System” is used. This enables to keep better temperature more effectively.
Versatile valve system
As Ball shaped valve within lid automatically opens and closes when tilting the flask,
it keeps appropriate temperature of bevarages.
Insulation time
Measurement condition

Thermal insulation test
Starting temperature:95℃±1℃
Test environment:20℃±2℃

Cold insulation test
Starting temperature:4℃±1℃
Test environment:20℃±2℃
Just right size on your desk
This is a small size of B FLASK GRANDE.
It is more compact, just right size to place on your desk.
It can serve you cold drinks at all times without leaving your desk.
The capacity is 600ml, which is just the right size to drink in the office.


  • STEP1
    Push the lid sideways to remove.
  • STEP2
    Pour a drink in. Please make sure not to go over the "MAX"sign.
  • STEP3
    Push the lid back on firmly.If the lid is not properly put on,it could come off and the content may be spilt.
  • STEP4
    It is possible to pour from any direction into a cup.


The temperature of bevarages is important factor of quality. Double wall insulation is suitable for retaining ideal temperature.
As Ball shaped valve within the lid automatically opens and closes when tilting the flask, it enables 360 degree .
Silicon band provides strong grip to hold the bottle with one hand.
Design registered and worldwide patented design, won Red Dot Design Award, bring a new style to your table.
JPY6,600 (tax included)
MATERIAL:Stainless steel, Silicon rubber
Maximum capacity:900ml
JPY6,050 (tax included)
MATERIAL:Stainless steel, Silicon rubber
Maximum capacity:600ml
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